Laptop Insurance / Hotspot Deposit

Franklin Pierce School Laptop Insurance / Hotspot Deposit Online Payment

Click here to make a payment

Payment instructions.

1.       Access e~Funds for schools for Franklin Pierce via the link above  

2.       Click Create an Account

3.       Provide requested information

4.       Click Create Account




5.       Click on Pay Optional Fees

6.        Add student(s) via the Manage Students screen
*Students attending any elementary school in the Franklin Pierce School district can be added.

7.       Enter student last name and Student ID number
  *Schools can provide and confirm your six-digit student’s ID number

8.       Click Add Students

9.       Once student(s) have been added, select Optional Fees.

10.   Select desire student

11.    Click on the Laptop Insurance item under the school name

12.   Click Add to Cart


13.   If your transaction is complete, click Begin Checkout

14.   Continue onto adding payment method and information

15.   If you have additional students to purchase laptop insurance for, click on Back to Students to add additional students and insurance payments to cart.